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Wordy Wednesday # 25

– solitary : alone : The girl studied in solitary at the library.

-crimson : deep purple/red : the top she was wearing was a bold crimson color.

-diabolical : having the quality of the devil : The diabolical little boy loved to play pranks on his  babysitter.

-totalitarian : dictatorial : He wanted a totalitarian government where he was the leader.

-vanquished ; subdued by a superior force : The peasent was vanquished by the evil king.


Wordy Wednesday # 23

– revolting : disgusting : The sight of the little boy throwing up was revolting.

– phlegm : a thick mucus : When she was sick, she kept sneezing out phlegm during class.

– valiant : bold, very courages : The valiant police man risked his life to do his job.

– careening : to lean tip or sway to one side : The drunk man kept careening as he tried to walk in a straight line.

– gullible : easily deceived : You can tell the small boy is very gullible because he believed that his mom took his nose.




Wordy Wednesday # 22

– vandal : a person who vandalizes or destroys other’s property : It was hard for the police to find the vandals who graffitied the school walls.

– devours : to eat or swallow hungrily : He devoured the food because he was so hungry.

– mayhem : rowdy disorder/chaos : It was mayhem when the wild bears got lose.

– carnage : slaughter or a great number of people/dead bodies : The dug up graveyard had a carnage.

– suppress : to put an end to an activity : The government suppressed the potation because it was getting too violent. 

Wordy Wednesday #20

– smidgen : a small amount : I was very hungry because I only got a smidgen of food today.

– cynical : belief that other’s motives are distrustful : I was cynical of her because she seemed to only care for herself.

– disembodied : separated from the body : When he wasn’t careful, he accidently disembodied his finger with the kitchen knife.

– piqued : having excitement or curiosity : I was piqued when I found out that there was buried treasure in  my backyard.

– perceptive :  having/showing sensitive insight :  The teacher was perceptive of the students bad hand writing.

Wordy Wednesday # 18

– pestilence :  deadly epidemic disease : In the past there would be no cures for pestilence

– contamination : the act of being contaminated : To make sure contamination is not a possibility for others you must wear a mask and gloves at all times.

– repulsive : unpleasant : The smell of the locker room was repulsive.

– proboscis : an elephant’s trunk : The elephants proboscis was used to tip over the car.

– parasitic : bloodsucking : Many bugs, like mosquitoes are parasitic.

Wordy Wednesday # 11

-lousy: horrible, terrible,miserable : I was in a lousy mood when i found out we had homework.

-territorial : a reference to a specific territory : Many animals are territorial, and are upset when you enter their territory

– abounds : to have a lot of , to have great quantity : A lot of women have abounds of clothes

– wallows : to roll in something : Pigs like to wallow in mud to cool themselves.

– Decay : to decompose : When plants die, they decay.

Wordy wednesday # 9

-dank: unpleasantly moist, humid ; My socks were so dank that it felt uncomfortable to walk.
-demise : failure or collapse ; The government lost all control over the citizens so it demised.
-evasive :tending to avoid commitment ; Don’t evasive your community service.
-maneuvers : a series of movement require ring skill ; He used many maneuvers to get his car to go around the obstacles.
-naught: the number 0 ; Naught is both negative and positive.